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Saturday, 2 September 2017

Blog Monthly Maintenance - September 2017


Almost two months Mellya skipped monthly maintenance. But doesn't mean no maintenance was made last month. Few changes  i made last month ialah:

August Blogging Goals: 

  • Changing the template due to previous template was not mobile friendly 
  • Drafting and deleting few unneeded posts
  • Improve contents 
  • And creating new watermark for blog photography

The point number 2 and 3 still going to be this month priority sebab last month i couldn't focus on my blog posts and content sangat pun. So this month, this what I'm going to do:

My September Blogging Goals:

  • Drafting and deleting few unneeded posts
  • Improve contents 
  • More product reviews! - any products local/international
  • Blog Schedule - I had made a list of blog posts that I should publish this month
Bought this book at Yubiso for RM 15 only.

Sejak bekerja ni, my blogging time a little bit distracted lah. That is why i created a blog schedule aka blog planner untuk memudahkan lagi kerja mencari idea untuk pastikan blog ni sentiasa ada topic haha all will be writen in this cute book up there. Actually i am also planning to have another GIVEAWAY for this blog and my instagram this month. But still thinking about the prizes. haha tak ada idea nak bagi apa. So, just wait and see ya ! 

Btw, thanks for reading this "merapu" post ❤

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  1. Yeayy giveaway tak sabar nak tunguuu...airah pun dah kerja ni blog kadang2 terabai.kena buat colum khas dlm planner untuk sentiasa update blog

    1. heheh nanti dah start mellya inform yaa ^^

  2. Bagusnya mellya ada wat blog schedule. Nti share mcm ne wat ea. N tak sabar tunggu giveaway. 😍😍❤

  3. Selamat tengahari & salam aidil adha

    ada target untuk blog

    syabas. semoga makin maju

  4. hi.. amazing blog planning :) btw, follow your sweet blog here :)

    1. thanks dear ^^ will visit u back ❤

  5. ada kesungguhan di situ..bagus mellya.